Ark Veterinary Associates

907 East Kansas Ave
Arkansas city, KS 67005


Patsy White, Office Manager

I started working at Ark Veterinary Associates in 1998.  Dr. White is my husband and it was my love for him that brought me here to help with operations management.  It was not until I came to work with him every day that I began to see what an incredible Veterinarian he is.  I knew how much he loved animals, as I could observe that at home with our family pets.  However, what I was unaware of was his incredible dedication to Veterinary Medicine and to the well being of every pet that comes in to our clinic.  What our clients do not know is what goes on behind closed doors, and it is that which I wish they could see.  I admire him more and more each day.  He is honest and expects the same from our entire family-oriented staff.  Every person employed at Ark Veterinary Associates must have a deep love for animals in order to work here. As you read about each employee, you will begin to see that for yourself.